What is GPU Intelligence?

The rise of the GPU as the transforming force in computing is beginning to have a dramatic effect on business.

Not only does it mean lightning speed software. It is the biggest business trend in: decision making, data and operations.

It also turns the software industry upside down and brings bare-metal power to your own computer.

When Hardware Change Drives Disintermediation

As GPUs accelerate and hardware prices drop, the cost of high speed computing is reduced.

This opens up a new opportunity for resource decentralization:

  • What used to require a datacenter is available locally on a desktop or laptop
  • This creates new workflow opportunities and efficiencies based on hardware proximity

Companies can now directly harness the power of the GPU and potentially lower costs by stripping out middle layers, from the data-center to stacks of software-as-a-service. Instead, you can run customized building blocks directly on a local GPU at lightning speed.

Big Picture Technology Trend

The GPU takes parallel computing orders of magnitude beyond the CPU, offering thousands of compute cores

Looking Forward

NVIDIA, a leading GPU developer, predicts that GPUs will help provide a 1000X acceleration in compute performance by 2025.

Could the GPU help your business?

The GPU is a new core computing power that drives competitive advantages for business. Currently, this parallel programming revolution is sweeping several industries: bio-tech, machine learning, telecommunications, and games.

Business Intelligence is a prime candidate for the next wave of change that will sweep the industry. Being ahead of the curve will be a tremendous advantage.

Our products target 2 different areas:

  1. Reduce complexity with GpuScript. Parallel programming is notorious for being complex, and we jump that issue for you with streamlined, tried-and-true parts that are open and easy to change. GpuScript is a framework that extends high-level scripting tools to low-level granular C++ access of hardware calls.
  2. Plug in GpuBlocks, which are business blocks that work as pluggable solutions to cutting edge business problems. These blocks get you up and running with a solution in hand, allowing you to focus your energy on customizing and embedding specialized knowledge that differentiates your business.
Strategies to make lightning fast software

Our Software & Features

GPU Code Simplified

  • Reduce the labor of GPU programming
  • Avoid common pitfalls and time sinks with both macro & micro templates
  • Open source & available on GitHub (MIT License)
  • Cross platform and cross graphics hardware (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, & Samsung)

Business Blocks

  • Solve common business problems at lightning speed
  • Quicker & smarter decision making, and faster automation and response
  • Assemble a custom solution that harnesess the power of the GPU
  • Components for next generation of business intelligence. Covering: analytics, automation, data mining and business operations
  • Optional process to remake workflow and UI the same but 10-100X faster

At Dillon Ridge Computing,
our goal is to help.

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Deep Dive

GpuScript and GpuBlocks are written in C++ using Vulkan® to maximize performance and portability.

  • Get started in under 10 minute tutorials are here
  • Open source version of GpuScript is available here
  • Details on Vulkan® and it’s advantages are here
  • Our FAQ is available here